Monday, August 4, 2008

RICKI-LEE : Wiggle It

Here's something that's come totally out of the blue - a brand new single from the most successful female Australian Idol star Ricki-Lee! New single 'Wiggle It' hits radio today and is touted as being as big, if not bigger, than her previous hit 'Can't Touch It'. The previously unreleased new single missed out on inclusion on Ricki's most recent album 'Brand New Day', with Ricki saying of the track, "I was disappointed when 'Wiggle It' didn't work on my last album, so I'm beyond THRILLED to be finally getting this single out to my fans!". A co-write between Ricki and Aussie hip-hop artist Israel Cruz, the single contains elements of the 1990 '2 In A Room' track of the same name.
'Wiggle It' hits both digital sites and retail on September 15 and coupled with Ricki's appearance on season six of Australian Idol, she's virtually guaranteed another monster hit.


Leo_Melbourne said...

She looks hot on the cover!
I heard it on the radio today, isnt mid Sept too far away for the release? Do record companies learn AT ALL?
I love the song & would mind it NOW not in over a month when Im stick of it!

Rick said...

thanks been looking for this.