Friday, October 31, 2008

PANJO 5 : Move

This, ladies and gents, is Sydney based five-some Panjo 5 who were brought together via a television series, due to air on Foxtel's Nickelodeon Channel in November and on Channel 9 in December. Their names (left to right) are; Sarah Scott, Elen Menaker, Talia Di Giulio, Nancy Denis and Keiynan Lonsdale and they're all 14-17 years of age. Their debut single 'Move' is available to pre-order online now through various websites and their debut clip is included below so you can complete the picture. There's a touch of the S Club 7s about them, and it's all totally polished and slick. The Panjo 5's career is most definitely on the move. Check them out at their OFFICIAL MYSPACE.

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