Wednesday, July 29, 2009


She's back with the feisty new single 'Don't Miss You' which lyrically deals with the rather public breakdown of her marriage and now Ricki-Lee is heading into the stores to meet public and sign copies of it. She'll be hitting a Westfield centre in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia over the coming weeks. Ricki reveals in the press release that the series of instores almost didn't happen.
"We all know physical sales have dropped dramatically the past 12-months, making in-stores an expensive exercise and a rarer occurrence. I’m definitely still old school in the sense that performances and signings by my musical Idols when I was a kid was what I lived for, so I had to put up a fight when my label said they weren’t going to happen this release. I want to keep this level of interaction alive and kicking for my fans as long as I can," she said.
The instore dates kick off this Sunday August 02 at Westfield Plenty Valley in Melbourne.

August 02 @ 12:00pm : Victoria (Westfield Plenty Valley)
August 06 @ 06:00pm : New South Wales (Westfield Hornsby)
August 08 @ 02:00pm : Western Australia (Westfield Carousel)
August 13 @ 06:00pm : South Australia (Westfield Marion)
August 15 @ 12:00pm : Queensland (Westfield Carindale)

* Keep your eyes peeled for our interview with Ricki-Lee within the next 24 hours!


Anonymous said...

lol this washed-up bitch is so z-list.

Anonymous said...

god bless her, she's always come across as very down to earth and a music fan, good to see it's about the music

Anonymous said...

The song is crap and so is she. Talk about bitching and venting her dirty laundry on her ex-husband. I'm all for Ricki-Lee's ex-husband now, how on earth did he put up with her depression, her mood swings and obviously her bitchness for so long.

With Bitchy Lee its all about the publicity.