Monday, October 26, 2009

WHORE'S MASCARA : Monogamous

Not since Alcazar's 'Menage A Trois' has a threesome come along that steams up the screen quite the way New York's Whore's Mascara does. And there's even an Aussie connection in the band, with female vocalist Georgia Haege hailing from ol' Sydney town!
After making their debut on the music scene last year, Whore's Mascara has slowly but surely been developing a loyal following throughout the US and beyond, beguiling fans with their straight-out-of-the-80s pop hooks, catchy choruses and good looks - and they have Australia set fairly and squarely in their sights.
Their new single is called 'Monogamous' (available on local iTunes now) and the team behind the band has just sent us the altogether racy video clip in which girls pash boys, girls pash girls and boys pash boys. Directed by respected photographer Patrik Andersson, it's styish, sexy and is wall-to-wall with beautiful people and what's more, we've been given the clip to give you a glimpse ahead of it's New York premiere later this week! We reckon we might be hearing a bit more about this band in the months and years ahead. For more on the band, head over and check out their OFFICIAL MYSPACE.


Shane said...

Terrible stuff....wont bother radio here at all I would hope.
Seems very contrived in a way artists like Gaga and Scissor Sisters et al do not....if we are referencing the 80's look and style.

Drew said...

Heavens this is awful. Forced and not sexy. Stay in New York, please.

Todd said...

wow.. that was horrible indeed. Like Drew said, stay in New York you weirdos!

Berr said...

Love it. Totally campy. They're like Army of Lovers but with sex appeal.