Monday, April 12, 2010


The Train is still at the station on the ARIA singles chart, but Lady Gaga finally gets a monster No.1 album down under on the back of her tour. But she wasn't that far ahead of the No.2 spot. Here's this week's Chart Watch;

SINGLES : Train maintains their stranglehold on the Aussie No.1 position this week with their single 'Hey, Soul Sister'. Though sales figures have petered off by over 3000 from last week's figures. Still, 18,070 copies in a week's not a bad effort.
Jason Derulo remains in the No.2 position, with 12,699 punters snapping up his former No.1 'In My Head', but it's the No.3 song (Richard Vission's 'I Like That') that's making it's move - up a further four places this week to No.3 with 12,286 sales.
Gaga's down to No.4 with 'Telephone' (10,927 sales) and David Guetta moves up to No.5 with 'Memories' (9551 copies).
Justin Bieber moves into the top ten (at No.6) with his single 'Baby', while B.o.B and Florence & The Machine both move into the top ten - at Nos.8 and 9 respectively.
Adam Lambert moves closer to the top ten with 'Whataya Want From Me' (up to No.11), while the week's highest new entry comes courtesy of Usher and his new single 'OMG'. It debuts in the No.15 position with 5841 sales.
Miley Cyrus gets another top 20 hit with 'When I Look At You' (up to No.19 with 4538 sales) and Lady Gaga's into the top 30 again, this time with new single 'Alejandro' (up from No.49 to No.28 - 3332 sales).
The Temper Trap parks itself in the top 50 for the first time with new single 'Love Lost' debuting at No.32 (2794 sales), while Vanessa Amorosi scrapes in at No.50 with 'Mr Mysterious' (1675 sales) - up fifteen places from it's top 100 debut last week.
Outside the top 50, Sean Kingston's 'Eenie Meenie' sinks - from No.30 last week to No.53 this week, Calvin Harris's 'Flashback' moves up to No.64 and Justin Bieber debuts at No.67 with 'Never Let You Go' (1122 sales).
T-Pain's 'Reverse Cowgirl' is in at No.79 (965 sales), Pitbull's 'I Know You Want Me' re-emerges at No.81, T-Rek's 'Out My Bitch' is in at No.89 (878 sales), Justin Bieber makes another debut at No.96 with 'Kiss And Tell' (806 sales) and Robbie Williams pops in at No.98 with 'Do You Mind?' (803 sales).

ALBUMS : It's a pretty slow sales week for albums. But Lady Gaga finally gets herself a well-deserved No.1 album in Australia with 'The Fame Monster'. It drops over into the No.1 position this week by a bee's dick more than 500 copies ahead of last week's No.1, John Butler Trio's 'April Uprising'. Gaga 8834 to JBT 8325.
New at No.3 is Slash's eponymous album with 6897 sales for the week, while Usher settles for a lucky No.7 debut for his newie 'Raymond V Raymond'. But only 3262 copies were sold.
Aussie crooner David Campbell debuts at No.17 with his new album 'On Broadway' (2001 sales) and country star Alan Jackson's latest 'Freight Train' is in at No.25 (1300 copies).
Michael Jackson's 'Essential' set makes a move back up the chart - 18 places higher this week at No.32 (1015 sales), and there are top 50 re-emergences from Bob Dylan, the Glee soundtrack and Jeff Beck.
Outside the top 50, there's a debut for The Dillinger Escape Plan - No.53 with 762 sales, while Goldfrapp's album 'Head First' sinks like a stone after last week's No.26 debut. It's down 34 places in it's second week.
Jonsi's 'Go' debuts at No.75 (567 copies), Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings debut at No.77 (559 sales) and Alfredo Malabello heads into the top 100 at No.83 with 513 sales.



auspOp said...

Some for the regulars;

Lily Allen
ALBUM No.27 : It’s Not Me, It’s You (1205)

Black Eyed Peas
ALBUM No.12 : The E.N.D. (2464)
SINGLE No.14 : Imma Be (5992)
SINGLE No.34 : Rock That Body (2580)
SINGLE No.42 : I Gotta Feeling (2047)
SINGLE No.58 : Meet Me Halfway (1314)
SINGLE No.97 : Boom Boom Pow (804)

Cheryl Cole
SINGLE No.13 : 3 Words (7110)

Alicia Keys
ALBUM No.62 : The Element Of Freedom (661)
SINGLE No.20 : Put It In A Love Song (4412)

Lady Gaga
ALBUM No.01 : The Fame Monster (8834)
SINGLE No.04 : Telephone (10927)
SINGLE No.21 : Bad Romance (4201)
SINGLE No.28 : Alejandro (3332)
SINGLE No.55 : Poker Face (1427)
SINGLE No.63 : Just Dance (1186)
SINGLE No.65 : Paparazzi (1151)

Adam Lambert
ALBUM No.31 : For Your Entertainment (1017)
SINGLE No.11 : Whataya Want From Me (7498)

Guy Sebastian
ALBUM No.63 : Like It Like That (657)
SINGLE No.51 : All To Myself (1639)
SINGLE No.75 : Art Of Love (1042)
SINGLE No.94 : Like It Like That (830)

Taylor Swift
ALBUM No.10 : Fearless (2566)
ALBUM No.71 : Taylor Swift (606)
SINGLE No.22 : Today Was A Fairytale (4188)
SINGLE No.78 : Love Story (991)
SINGLE No.90 : You Belong With Me (876)

Stan Walker
SINGLE No.43 : Black Box (2043)

Anonymous said...

The Essential Michael Jackson probably went up the charts because we were forced to listen to the WHOLE album while we were waiting for Lady GaGa to come stage (45 minutes late) :-p

Anonymous said...

where did damien leiths forgive forget chart and how many sold please

auspOp said...

Anonymous #1,

THAT'D be the reason, yes.

And Anonymous #2,

No chart love for 'Forgive, Forget', sadly...

The auspOp team

Anonymous said...

Please provide Michael Jackson's album sales......

Anonymous said...

hi auspop. can you post beyonce's sales too? it was one of recular update. sad to see she's not there.

auspOp said...

Hey team,

Yes, wanted to mix things up a bit this week. Have removed a few of the (old) regulars.


ALBUM No.20 : I Am... Sasha Fierce (1568)
SINGLE No.59 : Single Ladies (1299)
SINGLE No.82 : Halo (946)

Michael Jackson
ALBUM No.32 : Essential (1015)

The auspOp team
ALBUM No.56 : #1s (703)
ALBUM No.97 : This Is It (454)

Anonymous said...

Why didn't Forgive, Forget chart? It was in the top 10 iTunes most of the week.

auspOp said...

Hey Anonymous,

We must admit that though the track's great, we've never seen it in the top 200 iTunes chart since it's release. We've been checking.

The auspOp team

Mylene Mc Snapper said...

For some reason known only to itunes Forgive Forget charted as an ALBUM even though it cost less than AU$2 for the four tracks.

BTW Lisa Mitchell's Wonder is now officially platinum and the "special edition" (six extra tracks) is out on the 23rd. Order your copy now!!!

Good to see GaGa's #1. I've respected her since she kept the dreaded Wes Carr from topping the singles chart.

Anonymous said...

It did chart in the aria physical single chart though - #3! Good work Damo!

Anonymous said...

What are Pink's and Michael Buble's sales for this week? Thanks AuspOp!

Steve said...

To Anonymous who was asking why Damien didn't chart in the Top 100 ARIA Singles Chart. "Forgive Forget" was only charting in the itunes Album chart, not in the itunes Top Songs chart. It never even made it into the top 300 songs on itune during the whole week, although "Hallelujah" made it to around 200 at one stage. Itunes put EPs in the album chart to differentiate between downloads of the whole EP rather than just the song. If they download the whole EP it charts in the itunes album section. If they only download a song from the EP it charts in the Top Song section.

The sales of the song are still counted by ARIA when the whole EP is downloaded of course. The problem is that so few albums are downloaded (physical albums are still the main preference for Australian consumers) that being in the top 10 of the itunes album chart sometimes means only a few hundred sales in a week. Also being high in the ARIA Physical Singles Chart does not usually mean more than a few hundred sales either, as physical singles are almost obsolete.

A song needs to do well in the Top Song sections of download sites to get the thousands of sales it needs to feature high in the ARIA singles chart these days. The combined physical and digital sales of "Forgive Forget" were obviously less than the 800 or so it needed to make it into the ARIA top 100 singles chart.

auspOp said...

Michael Buble
ALBUM No.14 : Crazy Love (2350)
ALBUM No.52 : Michael Buble (763)
SINGLE No.41 : Haven't Met You Yet (2081)

ALBUM No.44 : I'm Not Dead (822)
ALBUM No.46 : Funhouse (801)

That's it!

The auspOp team