Monday, June 21, 2010


Former Australian Idol Casey Donovan all but disappeared from our pop radar following the underwhelming chart performance of her underrated single 'Flow' back in 2005. She was subsequently dropped from the then Sony BMG roster and all but disappeared.
But it seems all that's about to change, with the singer (still only 22 years old) ready to launch another assault on the charts with her new single 'Big, Beautiful And Sexy'.
Following on from a national tour as part of the 'Sapphires' alongside Kylie Farmer, Aljin Abella, Christine Anu and Jimi Bani, the focus is now on redeveloping Casey's music career - with a song that sounds like it's very radio friendly and extremely empowering lyrically.
According to the nine second teaser clip below, we're set to expect the new single sometime in August.


Anonymous said...

Since when is Diabetes, Obesity, and heart disease sexy or beautiful? Fat people... *sigh*

Anonymous said...

she has a fantastic voice
go casey

Anonymous said...

I LOVE CASEY... Glad to see she's back!!

Anonymous said...

Casey has been very successful with 'The Sapphires' and a career in musical theatre seems assured. It's great to see Casey also returning to recording. I wish her every success.
And Anon #1, Casey IS sexy and beautiful. Putting people down is not.

Joe Ronald said...

She is back, nice...