Friday, August 20, 2010


We must admit to being a little fearful when we heard that Australia's Got Talent winners Justice Crew, well known for their incredible dance routines, were about to release a music single through Sony Music. But we heard 'And Then We Dance' (cover art, above) just yesterday and will admit to being shocked, surprised and completely blown away; Not what we were expecting.
The boys are giving fans a sneaky taster of the new single in the video clip below - and you can bet your buns Aussie radio is going to be lapping this up in no time.
It's out digitally on August 27, followed by a physical CD single release on Friday September 03.


posh1_97 said...

omfg i love justice crew they r so awesomee .. and sexy lols anyway i loved that video its so kool .....good luck in the future guys hope to c yu studs soon..xx

love yor #1 fan Nikki

posh1_97 said...

i love yu guys yu r so awesomee n sexy.. lols anyway i loved that video its so kool have fun in lifee..
love yor #1 fan NIKKI..xx

Je.veux.ton.amour. said...

check out their new single 'friday to sunday' it is sooo goood