Wednesday, September 15, 2010


We may be only 15 days into the X Factor journey here in Australia, but we're already down to the top 12 acts (pictured above) and it's this Sunday night on the Seven network when things really start getting interesting, with the first of the live show set down for 7:30pm.
The 12 performers will take to the stage in the hope of securing not only the judges' vote, but the vote of the Australian public, who'll ultimately get to decide the performers' fate.
The finalists are as follows;

Hayley Teal - 20 year old from South Australia
India-Rose Madderom - 21 year old from New South Wales
Sally Chatfield - 20 year old from Victoria

Mitchell Smith - 16 year old from Queensland
Andrew Lawson - 18 year old from Queensland
Chris Doe - 18 year old from Victoria

Mahogany - comprising Maureen, Trina, Faye and Helen from New South Wales
Juke & Joel - Luke is 23, Joel is 21 and both are from New South Wales
Kharizma - Sonja and Soria are sisters from Ipswich in Queensland

Altiyan Childs - 35 year old from New South Wales
Amanda Grafanakis - 27 year old from Victoria
James McNally - 32 year old from Victoria

Natalie Imbruglia looks after the Under 25 girls, Kyle Sandilands is mentoring the Under 25 boys, the groups are looked after by Guy Sebastian and the Over 25s are mentored by Ronan Keating.

The X Factor live performance show @ 7:30pm Sundays
The X Factor live elimination show @ 7:30pm Mondays, both on the 7 Network.


Daniel in Dubai said...

Call me a sucker for marketing but I am TRES excited about this!!! There is a whole band of loyal X Factor supporters here in Dubai and we are watching the UK and Oz versions simultaneously. Loving every second!!! Just hope the whole thing is devoured by bloody Junior Masterchef!!!

Todd said...

Is or isn't Daniel?

Hey auspOp, just wondering if you possibly have a hi-res version of that top 12 picture? I'd love to use it as my desktop wallpaper. Cheers ;)

auspOp said...

Hey Todd,

Here's a sneaky way to get a higher res shot of the pic. Click on it - it will take you to a page that gives you error message '404' saying the image is 'Not Found'.
In the URL bar just before it says 'singers' there's a section that says 's2000'.

(i.e. AVxHZxo/s2000/Singers.jpg)

Change the 's2000' to 's1600', press enter and you're away!

The auspOp team

Todd said...

Thanks heaps! :D