Monday, November 15, 2010


We're rather happy to report that all top three albums this week sold in excess of 10,000 copies - something that hasn't happened since back in May when k.d. Lang's 'Recollection' was ruling the chart roost. While on the singles side of things, the entire top ten singles chart sold more than the 10K mark, but for the second week in a row, Ke$ha was best of them all.

SINGLES : Yes, US starlet Ke$ha has continued her dominance on the ARIA singles chart for a second week in a row, her single 'We R Who We R' holding all comers at bay with it's further 21,155 sales.
The race between positions two and three is quite tight, with only 104 copies separating Far East Movement and Rihanna. It was Far East Movement who ultimately won the battle though - with 19,257 sales.
P!nk's 'Raise Your Glass' pops back into the top five - so too Enrique Iglesias' latest single 'Heartbeat', while Katy Perry, Nelly and Bruno Mars slip back just a little.
The week's highest new entry comes courtesy of the Black Eyed Peas, whose new single 'The Time (The Dirty Bit)' enters at No.10 (11,043 sales). At this stage, it looks set to bullet straight into the No.1 position by this time next week.
If there was one positive to come out of last Sunday's ARIA Awards in Sydney, it was that some of the performers' songs benefitted from national exposure. Birds Of Tokyo fared best, with their single 'Plans' moving into the No.13 position, closely followed by Sia, whose single 'Clap Your Hands' reaches a new high of No.17 (6424 sales).
A big move also for Angus & Julia Stone (we were so tempted to add a 'd' to the end of their name then, but that would have been naughty). Their single 'Big Jet Plane' moves from No.47 to No.21 following their showing (5604 sales).
Bruno Mars is up to No.23 with a bullet, Jason Derulo smashes his way into the top 50 at No.24 with 'The Sky's The Limit' (4790 sales), while Nelly, T-Pain and Akon do much the same with their single 'Move That Body' - in at No.29 (4074 sales).
After its use on the harrowing 'crash' episode of Channel 7's 'Packed To The Rafters', Sia scores a top 40 chart double with her track 'I Got To Sleep' from her 2008 LP 'Some People Have Real Problems'. It's in at No.32 (3907 sales), while the Glee Cast's rendition of Katy Perry's 'Teenage Dream' enters at No.35 (3361 sales).
Another track back in the charts thanks to 'Packed To The Rafters' is Coldplay's 'Fix You' - No.37, almost five years since it originally hit a peak of No.25. It's in this week thanks to 3235 sales.
Also into the top 50 are John Butler Trio with 'Revolution' (No.41), Good Charlotte with 'Sex On The Radio' (No.45), The Temper Trap with 'Fader' at No.47 and Kanye West's 'Runaway' at No.49.
Outside the top 50, some pop is on the march, with Afrojack & Eva Simons hitting a new peak of No.51 and Taio Cruz's 'Higher' leaping 24 spots to No.53.
Gotye's new single 'Eyes Wide Open' debuts in the No.55 position with 2213 sales, while Powderfinger's ARIAs performance sees their track 'Burn Your Name' back in the top 100 at No.59 (2038 copies).
Melbourne singer-songwriter Rav Thomas debuts at No.62 with his new single 'Like A Game Show Host' after especially strong physical sales in Victoria. He sold 1790 physical copies in the state last week and though he sold a tiny five copies of the track digitally around Australia, the physicals in Victoria and the other states were enough to get him into the top 100 mix (a total of 1996 sales).
Washington's stunning showing at the ARIA Awards sees her single 'Sunday Best' rocket back into the top 100 at No.64 (1960 sales), while the cast of Glee is back in the mix again at No.65 with their version of 'Start Me Up/Livin' On A Prayer' (1844 sales).
The Temper Trap is back in with 'Sweet Disposition' (No.69), James Blunt's latest single 'Stay The Night' starts getting some love, back in at No.74 and Jason Derulo's X Factor turn didn't do sales of his hit 'In My Head' any harm - back in at No.77.
Glee's back at No.82 with 'Stop In The Name Of Love/Free Your Mind' (1260 sales), and there are re-emergences from The Temper Trap, Mumford & Sons, Jason Derulo, Bon Jovi and Angus & Julia Stone.
Sia's latest single 'Bring Night' scrapes into the chart at No.99 with 1016 sales.

ALBUMS : Happily, as the Christmas period approaches and some of the year's bigger releases are wheeled out, sales figures are increasing across the nation, with the top three albums this week all scoring in excess of 10,000 sales. But fending off tough opposition (and a late mid-week rush) from a certain Scottish songstress, Bon Jovi manages a No.1 debut with their Greatest Hits collection.
BJ (don't twist our words) bagged a rather respectable 14,475 sales of their best of in its first week on sale, followed rather closely by Susan Boyle, whose new album 'The Gift' scored 14,165 sales.
Though Taylor Swift lost her No.1 position, she still picked up 11,130 sales in the last week, while Angus & Julia Stone are back into the top five with their album 'Down The Way'.
Jessica Mauboy's new album 'Get 'Em Girls' also makes a respectable debut, coming in at No.6 with 4134 sales.
James Blunt's the next debut on the ladder - in at No.11 with his latest LP 'Some Kind Of Trouble'. It picked up 3050 sales in its first week, despite little radio airplay for the lead single 'Stay The Night'.
Washington, Birds Of Tokyo and Sia all surge on the back of their ARIAs appearance, while Susan Boyle's previous album 'I Dreamed A Dream' races back into the top 50 at No.20 (2085 sales).
John Butler Trio is up, Bruno Mars is down, Michael Jackson's up and Cee-Lo Green's corking good album 'The Lady Killer' plops in at No.24 (1896 sales).
Lady Gaga's 'The Fame' makes its way back into the top 50 after discounting and 1431 subsequent sales, while Ne-Yo's new LP 'Libra Scale' manages a No.36 appearance for its first week on the back of 1395 sales.
Jason Derulo bullets back into the top 100 at No.42 with his eponymous LP (1248 copies), Elvis Presley's 'Viva Elvis' manages No.45 for a first week position (1231 sales) and Beyonce bounces back into the top 50 with 'I Am... Sasha Fierce' at No.46.
Outside the top 50, N.E.R.D's new LP 'Nothing' debuts at No.55 with 1051 sales, Escape The Fate's self-titled set debuts at No.58 (1023 sales) and INXS's 'Original Sin' is in at No.65 (975 sales).
The John Steel Singers' 'Tangalooma' comes in at No.67 (947 copies), Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax's live set from Sofia in Bulgaria is in at No.71 (900 sales), Elton John and Leon Russell's collaborative release 'The Union' plummets from No.28 to No.72 and Underoath is in at No.74 (863 sales).
A smattering of older releases are back into the top 100 mix due to discounting, but Cradle Of Filth is in at No.89 with 'Darkly, Darkly Venus Aversa' (709 copies), The Baseballs are in at No.90 with 'Strike' (707 copies), Marcia Hines' album 'Tapestry' slumps from No.38 to No.91 and Illy's LP 'The Cause' was at No.25 last week, but this week... No.96. Yikes.



auspOp said...

And for the regulars...;

ALBUM No.19 : Recovery (2126)
SINGLE No.22 : Love The Way You Lie (5589)
SINGLE No.25 : No Love (4722)
SINGLE No.60 : Not Afraid (2034)

Glee Cast
ALBUM No.16 : The Rocky Horror Glee Show (2615)
SINGLE No.35 : Teenage Dream (3361)
SINGLE No.65 : Start Me Up/Livin’ On A Prayer (1844)
SINGLE No.79 : Time Warp (1373)
SINGLE No.82 : Stop In The Name Of Love/Free Your Mind (1260)
SINGLE No.95 : River Deep, Mountain High (1040)

ALBUM No.69 : Animal (915)
SINGLE No.01 : We R Who We R (21155)
SINGLE No.27 : Take It Off (4221)
SINGLE No.94 : Tik Tok (1049)

Lady Gaga
ALBUM No.34 : The Fame (1431)

Adam Lambert
ALBUM No.17 : For Your Entertainment (2191)
SINGLE No.36 : For Your Entertainment (3241)
SINGLE No.44 : If I Had You (2742)

Jessica Mauboy
ALBUM No.06 : Get Em Girls (4134)
ALBUM No.97 : Been Waiting (679)
SINGLE No.40 : Get Em Girls (3034)

Katy Perry
ALBUM No.07 : Teenage Dream (3957)
ALBUM No.85 : One Of The Boys (757)
SINGLE No.06 : Firework (16672)
SINGLE No.18 : Teenage Dream (6418)
SINGLE No.34 : California Gurls (3382)

ALBUM No.33 : Funhouse (1459)
SINGLE No.04 : Raise Your Glass (17754)

Scarlett Belle
SINGLE No.67 : Freak Tonight (1798)

Stan Walker
SINGLE No.50 : Choose You (2359)

twistoftroy said...

Jessica Mauboy is listed as GOLD on Aria already while Bon Jovi debuts at #1 and is not listed as Certified. Very strange & suspect. I thought Jess would debut high. Next week huge releases so be interesting to see where they land and Ronan Keating has a Live Performance tonight on X-Factor so I'd expect a Top 20 debut.

Joan said...

Confused about the Jessica Mauboy album comment. It had a full week of sales was instore the beginning of the Aria week and on itunes? Why do you say it had two days of sales?

Chris A said...

hey auspop,

may i have sales for these songs this week please:

Just The Way You Are
Empire State Of Mind
It Can Wait
Waka Waka
Take Your Shirt Off

thanx guys :)

auspOp said...

Hey Twist of Troy,

It's all pretty simple... the accreditations for albums are based on how many copies of an album have been shipped into stores, while the chart position are based on how many copies they've actually sold.

The auspOp team

auspOp said...

Hey Joan,

You're completely correct. It had the full week of sales. The two days of sales was the week previous. We've now rectified the post.

The auspOp team

auspOp said...

Hey Chris A,

Just The Way You Are (14873)
F U (9536)
Dynamite (7847)
Freefallin' (6304)
Fader (2550)
Empire State Of Mind (1649)
Airplanes (1408)
It Can Wait (1200)
Waka Waka (1076)
Take Your Shirt Off (983)

The auspOp team

Anonymous said...

"Bon Jovi manages a No.1 debut with his Greatest Hits collection".
HIS? Bon Jovi are a band, not an individual...after so many years why does this happen so often??!!

Anonymous said...

hi, can you tell me the sales of beyonce- I Am shasha fierce album?
is single ladies back too?
and do you know the reason why it 's back?

Anonymous said...

oh I didn't know I am sasha fierce back to chart last week.
do you still have last week sales of i am sasha fierce?

EssentialJ said...

What about Michael Jackson sales this week?
Thanks ausPOp for posting sales information every week!

wot the said...

Twistoftroy, everything about Jessica Mauboy is strange and suspect. Like how she can claim in her bio, and in many interviews, to have co-written this whole album, yet she only has co-writing credits on 4 of the songs. I have heard a number of interviews where she claims to have written the song "Get'em Girls" and yet no writing credits appear for her on her album for that song. In fact it was actually released as a demo by someone else a year before. In an interview last night on Australia First she not only claimed to have co-written "Saturday Night" but went into detail about that particular songwriting experience....all in a very fake American accent. And yet again, NO writing credits for her on the album for the song.
Why is she lying about her songwriting involvement on this album. It seems she has had very little to do with the writing of it.

Taz said...

auspOp I truly love your blog, but pleae, *please* don't refer to Bon Jovi the band as 'him'... It's "Bon Jovi" the Bamd - "Jon Bon Jovi" the man. ;)

Signed - a very big Sambora fan ;)

auspOp said...

Hey Anonymous and Taz,

Our apologies for cocking that one right royally up. We've been known to do the same with Jamiroquai in the past too...
Rectified for you.

The auspOp team

auspOp said...

Hey Anonymouses re: Beyonce,

Beyonce's 'I Am... Sasha Fierce' is the only Beyonce disc/track in this week's chart - 'Single Ladies' is now out of the top 100.
Beyonce sold 1177 copies of 'I Am... Sasha Fierce' this week and 690 copies at No.63 last week.

The auspOp team

auspOp said...

Hey Essential J,

Michael Jackson's figures this week are as follows;

Essential @ No.23 - 1909 sales
This Is It @ No.62 - 1007 sales

The auspOp team

auspOp said...

And for wot the,

We're quite confused by the conflicting Jess Mauboy facts as well. We don't know quite what's gone on when it comes to writing the LP, but on paper it seems she may not have had as much input into this album as she says.

The auspOp team

EssentialJ said...

Thank You!