Friday, December 17, 2010


And here you were slaving the night away at your work Christmas party thinking we'd completely forgotten to let you know who'd won our two super Muse packs! Oh no siree, Bob!
We drew out the lucky winners of this fab competition early this morning and beyond that, the prize packs are already in the post! Bless!
So the lucky two peeps below pick up a copy of the 'Hullabaloo' soundtrack, a copy of 'Absolution', a copy of 'Black Holes And Revelations' and a copy of the latest Muse album 'The Resistance'! All thanks to the band's glamorous publicists!

Congratulations (and a happy Christmas, we say) go to... Christina from Belmore in New South Wales and Aaron from Moonah in Tasmania!

SWEET! And as always, a very big thanks to everyone who entered the draw to win! More prizes are forthcoming soon!
(And don't forget to head to Muse's last Aussie concert this Sunday night in Perth!)


Aaron said...

AWWW! - Thank you so much Auspop! - Merry Christmas to you too!

christina said...

didn't get round to saying this earlier - thanks so much auspop!! nothing eases that awful feeling of leaving for work on a monday morning better than discovering a pack of CDs sitting on the front door step. thank you! Merry Christmas!

auspOp said...

Hey Christina,

YAY! We love an unexpected package on a Monday morning! (Benny Hill much!?)

Merry Christmas to you too and congratulations again.

The auspOp team