Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Word through from The Potbelleez' record company late yesterday is that despite the current appearance of their new album 'Destination Now' on the Universal Music release schedule for Friday February 11, the album's release will be delayed again - probably to mid March.
The band has so far released two singles from the album - 'Hello' and 'Shake It', but they're currently back in the studio recording new songs and putting extra touches on some of the existing album tracks. More news as it comes to hand.

01. Feed Off Me
02. Shake It
03. Twitch
04. Midnight Midnight
05. From The Music
06. Hello (Let’s Go)
07. Feels Real Good
08. 101 Reasons
09. Born Together
10. I'll Show You
11. On My Own
12. Standing Alone


Anonymous said...

Hmmm Delay, Delay, Delay...this soundslike the infamous and now lost Rogue Traders album. Hope the Belleez have better luck!

Anonymous said...

ok ive heard the new single is from the music

I also heard there was some collab
at some point with guy sebastian can u plse ask/find out if thats true?

auspOp said...

Hey Anonymous,

Yes, 'From The Music' is indeed the next single.
It'll be serviced to radio on Friday March 18 and will also hit digital retail at the same time.
According to our contact at their record company, "I know they are friends with Guy and have jammed but I know nothing else!"

The auspOp team

Anonymous said...

thank you :-)