Sunday, July 17, 2011


SWV : Right Here

We always remember having a soft spot for the SWV track 'Right Here' back in 1993. Sampling Michael Jackson's 1983 classic 'Human Nature', SWV (Sisters With Voices) hit the top 20 here in Australia and managed to forge a relatively successful career in their native US.
The clip? Well perhaps even for its time it was a little outdated, with the ladies wearing gathered white shirts teamed with oversized denim shorts, or khaki pants with riding boots, all set in what looks like the ruins of an old church.
Of course, there's some real action when the trio hits the beach for a spot of fishing (!?) and horse riding. As you do.

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Daniel said...

And Tamara 'Taj' went on to get 4th Place in Survivor Tocantins ;)