Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Australia really hasn't been bathed in the musical magic of the original Pop Idol Will Young.
Credit where it's due, his local record company Sony BMG tried their little hearts out with 'Your Game' on more than one occasion, attempting to get it onto radio down under. Will even filmed the video for the song during a visit to Sydney. Sony also tried with its predecessor - the breathtaking 'Leave Right Now'.
They even pressed up Australian copies of his 2005 album 'Keep On' with the previously mentioned two singles tacked onto the end - it was never released.
But Will's recently released album 'Echoes' (a No.1 hit in the UK last month) is something very special. Decidedly sexy, a wonderfully fluid body of work that draws you in and seduces you with its chilled beats, romantic lyricism and that sublime voice.
From the tip to the tail, there's nothing we don't like about it.
'Jealousy' is a heartwrenching, pained album opener about unrequited love. 'I Just Want A Lover' is so funky it could be ripped straight from the George Michael archives, 'Outsider' provides respite from the beats, 'Good Things' is so classy it might be a Darren Hayes track and Will's voice in parts on album closer 'Safe From Harm' seems to be channelling the great Annie Lennox.
'Echoes' is one heck of a classy record - quite possibly our favourite so far this year.
Seems a shame not to share it with Australia, doesn't it Sony?


stampy said...

I've been a huge Will fan ever since I first heard Leave Right Now (one of my all time favourite songs). I bought Echoes of Amazon but I would love to see it released locally!

Shane said...

Serious, royalty issues aside, there is no reason that Major record companies shouldnt soft release everything digitally.
Sure there is the upfront loading cost for itunes - but nothing ventured nothing gained

Josh said...

I reckon if they got him down here for some promo, 'Jealousy' could really take off.