Friday, December 9, 2011

ERIC SAADE FTG. DEV : Hotter Than Fire

So we've all seen those video clips where the performer sings to the camera in slow motion (created using a sped-up recording process), right?
Well this new video from Sweden's Eric Saade - who represented his country at Eurovision earlier this year - gives a rather interesting take on the idea, using sped-up and slowed-down sections of track to give the vision a truly unique, almost warped look that impresses greatly.
Dev phones in her performance via video link, but it's most definitely the exciting use of the camera that's the star in this one; camera use that's perhaps emphasised best when Eric's on top of the table.
One part kooky, three parts cool.


Brad said...

Is this getting a digital release in Australia anytime soon? At the moment it's only available on iTunes Sweden which is really bugging me because I've wanted it for ages!

Steve said...

OMG, I love Eric Saade! SONG OF THE YEAR!!!

auspOp said...

Hey Brad,

No word from Universal on any local Eric Saade action, unfortunately.

The auspOp team