Sunday, March 4, 2012


Now didn't we tell you that you might be getting your mitts on new music from Anthony Callea a little sooner than you expected? We gave you a little heads-up early last week that the Melbourne-based singer would be releasing new music very soon - and here it is.
Not only is it a brand new single (called 'Last To Go'), but it's a whole new EP - and what's more, it's out now!!
The EP features four previously unreleased songs including the title track, along with his 2011 single 'Oh Oh Oh Oh' and acoustic versions of both singles.
The 'Last To Go' was penned with the boys from DNA before they signed exclusively to Sony and Anthony says of the new track, "With this song I declared, ‘This is gonna be a big night, whatever happens, happens, and I’m gonna be the last to leave.’ I wanted to have fun, but keep it real and honest."
Sweeping ballad 'Tangled' was co-written with Matt Morris, Kadis & Sean from the US, dance/pop thumper 'Last Night' was co-penned by Jaakko Salovaara and Paul Mac lent his songwriting powers of good to 'I Don't Care What You Say'.
The 'Last To Go' EP is out now.

01. Last To Go
02. Oh Oh Oh Oh
03. Tangled
04. Last Night
05. I Don't Care What You Say
06. Last To Go (acoustic version)
07. Oh Oh Oh Oh (acoustic version)


Anonymous said...

Thanks muchly auspOp. I'm loving them all, especially the ballad 'Tangled'' - the lyrics seem very personal.

Anonymous said...

Already bought it and absolutely love it. Welcome back Mr Callea your vocals are amazing. Tangled and I don't care what you say are are so powerful.

Kayla said...

Thanks for the tip auspop. Have downloaded from ITunes and really liked the whole thing, but especially liked 'I don't care what you say'. Love the vocal in 'Last to go'.

Anonymous said...

Yay,this is such exciting news, Ive just dowloaded the EP its awesome. Love hearing those soaring vocals in Tangled and the dance tracks are great and love anything acoustic and......damn I love it all. So good hearing more music coming from this man, just love his voice. Thanks for the news Auspop.

Anonymous said...

I wish this ep was released as a physical. I also hope that Anthony releases a FULL physical album in 2012. Auspop you also a few months back hinted at a song by Anthony called MAGIC. Whatever happened to that?

Lea said...

Great EP, I especially love Tangled and I Don't Care What You Say.