Friday, March 2, 2012


Three years after its release, we're still utterly smitten by US jazz chanteuse Melody Gardot's last album 'My One And Only Thrill'. Sexy and ultra-cool in equal measure, the album burrowed its way into our hearts and remains to this day.
Which is why we're so excited to read of news coming out of Sweden that fresh material from the songstress is but a few short months away.
The new album is called 'The Absence' and it's set to contain a selection of new recordings penned during Melody's travels across the globe - from Lisbon in Portugal, to Morocco and even Buenos Aires - across the past three years.
"A lot of the stories on the record came from my experiences but also from the observation of people, living with them, the sadness and joy that came about in little moments. It was really a mutual connection," says Melody of the new release.
'The Absence' has been produced by renowned film composer Heitor Pereira, who has also previously collaborated with Sting and Seal.
There's no word on the new album from Universal Australia yet, but if it's released around the same time as in Sweden, we can expect the new album to drop locally on Friday May 25.


Sebastien said...

Omg I'm so excited!!! Loved her last and this album will be even better!!

AuspOp you should do a giveaway when it drops here... ;)

auspOp said...

Hey Sebastien,

We'll wait and see if Universal will come to the party - or indeed if it's released here at the same time!

The auspOp team