Monday, April 2, 2012


We seriously can't quite remember which track Aussie singer-songwriter Vassy first caught our attention with. It could quite possibly have been her 2005 single 'Wanna Fly'.
Signed to Warner Music, the singer released a selection of singles and albums in the ensuing years, but headed to the United States to pursue a career when her tracks started getting picked up for use on various TV shows, the smash hit 'Greys Anatomy' among them.
Now Vassy has a new album incoming - and she's worked with some pretty big names on it, including Richard Vission (who's worked with the likes of Madonna, Lady Gaga and the Black Eyed Peas), Skylar (Christina Aguilera, Hilary Duff etc) and Tim Meyers (One Republic).
First single is 'Could This Be Love', which has such a familiarity to it that Jason Mraz' people might be looking over it. You can take a listen to the single - and nab it as a FREE download from her OFFICIAL WEBSITE.
Her new album 'Beautiful Day' (cover image pictured) is due to hit later this month.

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