Tuesday, December 24, 2013

BEST OF 2013 : No.08

Team Miley will be looking back on 2013 with an inordinate amount of fondness, not least of which because they successfully transformed a former anodised Disney starlet into a proper grown-up pop star. And how.
Pot-smokin', sledgehammer-lickin', foam-hand pokin' Miley Cyrus single-handedly invented the twerk, dropped her dacks and mounted a big black iron sphere to cause unbridled pop hysteria. Love or loathe the way she and her team have gone about the transformation, there's no denying it's been perfectly executed.
A mammoth global hit; a pop phenomenon, the official 'Wrecking Ball' video has been viewed almost half a billion times in just over three months; them's some pretty breathtaking stats right there.
It's out No.8 pop song of 2013; Miley Cyrus... 'Wrecking Ball'.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely loved Miley this year! What a true pop star!!!!!!

Nick Brandon said...

Sorry but this is a really mediocre song that only became popular due to the controversial artist and music video. Even the producer, Dr Luke (who's responsible for all of Katy Perry's and Kesha's number one hits) believed the song wouldn't be successful and betted against it. Why? Because its a really lazy pop song.