Monday, December 23, 2013

BEST OF 2013 : No.09

We absolutely can't let our top ten go by without tipping our hat to Ms Mariah Carey and her splendid duet with Miguel.
This year, Mariah's seemingly dropped her desire to become some kind of street-smart rap goddess and has returned to what she does best... quality R&B/soul/pop songs. And though we'll be adding her fine 'Almost Home' to our 'Honourable Mentions' section just before our No.1 drops (it too was back to basics), props really must go to her smash hit '#Beautiful' with Miguel, which makes our No.9 spot this year.
Not a rapper in sight; just smooth, simple, soft, sweeping, stylish pop melodies and perfectly executed vocals from (still) one of the best set of pipes in the pop business.
And happily, it seems Mariah's found the right balance between being sexy and just flashing too much flesh (something she's been repeatedly guilty of in the past). For us, '#Beautiful' proved Ms Carey still had it in 2013.

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